Piskel Trouble Keeps Copying Frames!

Having trouble saving frames in Piskel. Wheven I use my spritesheet it only saves the first frame of the animation and turns the rest of the frames into copies of the first! I’m going crazy, I tried downloading piskel by itself and then importing it into the game but it still copies the first frame! Is this a problem with piskel? Gdevelop??


Hello @quwu,
it is very strange. Did yuo tried with OnLine Piskel ?

Thenks and regards,

yes and unfortunately no luck

I have the exact same issue with my project. Although the desktop app did work for me. I downloaded the piskel app, do all my animations in that and then export them a zip so I can get all the individual frame pngs which I can then add into GDevelop as an animation. The second I open piskel in the app it duplicates the frames. Its a real pain.

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Has this problem been fixed yet? I’ve been having real trouble with this lately.