Pixel Style Game Resolution Question

Hey guys, I’m going to develop my first pixelation game for mobile and tablet (very likely I’m going to put the game onto IOS and iPadOS). But have no idea about what’s the suitable resolution to start with.

Could any one give my some tips or suggestions for helping me to lock down the resolution for those platform? Is there any standard or requirements? Also, is there any other thing I need to be aware during the game development from the resolution wise?

This is old school but you may want to start planning 480x320 the most small screen of the iPhone then set GDevelop to pixel perfect and try to scale your game assets to the most bigger case.
GDevelop offers a lot of functions to auto resize the screen and fit the resolutions.
Read some tutorials or search in this forum
Some of them,


IMO if your game is going to be for a specific device, optimally you should use a resolution that has the same aspect ratio and is the result of an integer division (I.E. 1 pixel is 33 pixels or whatever, not 2,42,4 pixels)