Pixels not showing up?

this has been happening for a while, I make some pixel art for a game, click preview, and everything is fine! until I press left key, the idle animation for my player sprite is the exact same, except the pixels for my character’s eyes are missing! i have the same sprite sheet for idle, I just use an action to flip when turning left. here are some photos:
Screenshot 2024-01-29 130151
Screenshot 2024-01-29 130200
looking at the photos, I have just realized if you turn to the right side, it still is only one eye! and depending where you are in the stage, the 2nd eye comes back! this is so confusing… here is a snapshot of the sprite sheet showing what it should look like:


Hi, do you have the “Round pixels when rendering” option checked in the game properties?

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sorry for such a late reply! yes, I do

Are the sprites scaled?

You need to uncheck it.