Planet Adally A top down small endless shooter

A top down small endless shooter i made some time ago
Plays in Browser
Game Website

always looking for feedback to improve my games

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The link doesn’t work?

EDIT: I think my browser is blocking it, could you upload it on /

Link didn’t work for me either.

the link should work now

Yes, it works now. Everything looks good. I’m really not a good tester of this type of game though, I never know what’s an enemy and I don’t even have time to look at the score for feedback.

I think I died when I was testing to see if the arrow keys worked, haha. I can see how for a right hander, WASD and mouse can be a good setup. I am right handed and still don’t like it when I see WASD only. And I imagine a left hander wouldn’t like it either. I really can’t play with those keys. Have you considered adding arrow support?