Platform character stuck in corner

Any platform character with an animation nor withouth animation, always stuck at the corner of 2 platform objects… I have also change the collision masks, set smaller collusion masks both on the walls and the player character but every time I can see that it’s stucking. Is there any default extensions that I can use or default parameters/objects that I can use without encounter this issue.

Hello, estragon

Can you share some screenshots to make it easier to understand?

So darker grey objects and sprites and it has platform behaviour, and it stuck on this corner. Generally after multiple jump and interaction on the corner it gets stuck but sometimes after the immidiate collusion it stucks there. I’m don’t have a specific event. I use pixel perfect platformer character behaviour on the objects and only I have changed the speed parameters on the platform behaviour.

Have you tried adding an action to separate player from grey object?

Thank you but I found the problem partially, I use pixel perfect platform character probably configuration on that extension which I used was causig the problem, for now I will not use that extension and instead will use the default one.