Platform game test!

For my last year university I am doing a public engagement project and have decided to make an online game aimed mainly at 8-12 year olds. I have finished my first draft for the first level and am just interested to know what other people think!

Here’s a link to it:

I also have a quick survey that would really help me out if anyone had a couple of minutes to fill it in:

Thank you! :smile:

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I tried playing the game on my phone, but I couldn’t move or exit the instructions. Tho I saw the buttons they didn’t work, the only one that did it was the start game button. But I couldn’t play.

I will play it on the computer, but just for you to know, I don’t know how to play it on my phone. Is there a button that I didn’t see?

the button to test on your phone without exporting to andoid is called web preview

in order so see whats not working, you need to show your events

This link is only compatible on desktops because you need specific keys (like the space bar).
I’ve updated it now so you can use it on a touch screen too! Here’s the link.

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