Platform Move Automatism Fault

[b]Hello when using the default keys for Platform Movement on the player object it uses Shift as the jump keyboard command. This i can see and have found causes a big problem with windows. if you press it 5 times fast you get a sticky key pop up command. Also i think alot more people use the Space button as jump by default. Shift is closer but causes the sticky key pop up.
This change i think will improve the overall games which are made.
Also how do you change the keys used in the Automatism as i noticed it says use default and u can untick.

Dave G[/b]

To use other keys than the default ones, you have to deactivate the default ones. Then, create events and use the automatism actions to make the player move or jump (not the actions in All objects, there are dedicated one for the plateformer automatism).

Anychance of a screen shot of this in the events victor :slight_smile:

Very helpful victor with there was a thumbs up button on this forum. i would of pressed positive rep for that screen shot :slight_smile: