Platformer Automatism Bugs

  1. If a platformer automatism player collides with an automatism moving platform, when the moving platform is moving towards that player, the player gets stuck in the platform as it moves over them.

I am making a from scratch Youtube tutorial on platformers with GDevelop, so it would be quite good if this bug isn’t there (I don’t really want to be presenting how to do work arounds bugs that exist in the IDE!)

Example picture:

  1. Sometimes, if you jump right next to a vertical wall and collide with it, after landing, you are no longer able to jump. :confused: Annoying bug !

#1 should be fixed in 3.6 (character is pushed out of the platform if stuck), not sure about #2.

Indeed #1 should be fixed, I’ve made some tests to make sure that platformers objects are pushed out if stucked.
For #2 can’t reproduce the issue for now.

#2 happened to me recently as well. But it seems like a rare bug, couldn’t reproduce it afterwards. Chance of 1 out of 500?

//edit: Also I’ve found some bug that leads to framerate loss on the slopes/near walls (?). Will send you project in few moments as it may be that it is me who is doing something wrong.