Platformer behavior bug (Is this bug still not fixed?)

Ok so I reported this bug years ago, I’m surprised that it’s not yet fixed, will this ever be fixed?


While the platform going up, the character is falling that’s why he is changing the animation rapidly between idle and fall…

Is there maybe a workaround this? is there is someone working to fix this very old issue?


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Fixed in this upcoming pull request. You can download and try the test build from Davy/D8H at the top.

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@Silver-Streak I see, that’s nice glad to hear you’re working on this, I also seen that they 4ian and D&H were talking about other issues like the platformer bouncing off to max fall speed when hitting the celling after a jump and stuff related to slopes too, very nice important details that I always wanted to see in the platformer behavior!

Btw I tried downloading the Custom build that D&H put but I couldn’t open the .exe file … it opens GDevelop and I’m not sure why is that?

Alright the important question would be, when do you think this will be officially implemented in the engine as it’s something that will be very important for my upcoming project?

Thanks a lot for helping as always!

The exe is a custom build of Gdevelop. You’d need to load a project you want to test the new behavior in.

Can’t tell you, that’s not really how development works. :smiley: It’ll be done once Davy (D8H) and 4ian are happy with it. I’d expect it to be in whenever the next release is.

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Sorry I thought it was a game, I was confused that’s why :sweat_smile:
I just tested it and oh boy this is so epic and very nice!!!

Yeah I understand for sure : )
Well If it’s not in the next upcoming release then I really hope it will be added in the next few releases or will happen this year.

I’ll be waiting and once it happens, I’ll edit this post as “SOLVED”

Thanks a lot for updating me about it.

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