Platformer behavior not jumping correctly on ascending slopes

Hello everyone,

I’ve been trying to find a solution to this problem for a while. What I’m going to talk about might not bother or shock many people but I find that it prevents the possibility to make really “precise” platformers

Basically when you jump on a upwards platform, the momentum is broken and it looks like I’m jumping straight up without running, then I keep moving forward in the air. I’ve uploaded a few clips of tests I did to show you a little more.

(since my account is new I can’t upload more than 1 embedded video and streamable doesn’t seem to work here so I’ve posted the links on a privatebin PrivateBin)

Note that the first 2 clips are made from the platformer template, I just changed the sprite of the character to make it more visible and I changed the gravity to 9000 to make the problem look more obvious right away.

On the 2nd, the gravity isn’t changed from the platformer template. It’s still there but I guess it’s more subtle. You can see the moment I jump there’s no momentum, only happens when I’m trying to jump on the right on this ascending slope (and it doesn’t matter how high it is, I’ve tried to have the slope just a little tiny bit higher, the issue is still there)

The 3rd one comes from my personal project where it’s also visible. I’ve just did a new map with testing platforms and it happens on both side, as long as you jump on the ascending side.

For now the solution I found is to put the platform in jumpthrough. In jumpthrough everything works as it should. The problem is that I want to have the ability to jump down from a platform, but I don’t want the player to be able to jump down wherever he wants. So I thought of a variable that I could enable or disable depending on the platform he is on. This is the most reliable workaround I’ve found so far. It requires more work but for the moment I have to make do with it.

I thought it was still worth posting here in case anyone wants to take a look at it? For me it’s clearly a bug and I was tearing my hair out a bit because I felt like it was a basic thing and I had to skip something, but the tutorials I’ve seen only use flat platforms. Anyway, since I didn’t see anyone talking about it, I thought it was a good idea to at least post here to see what people who know more about it than me think.

Sorry if it’s too long, thanks a lot if you read it all

:wave: Hi and welcome here :slight_smile:
Thanks for reporting!
Could you make a simple project demonstrating the issue and your workaround, to clearly see the difference? And I would forward it to the devs for a fix.
You can use the platformer example as base, for instance.


So I’ve been trying to do what you’ve asked. My workaround was more theory than anything else, I thought I would be able to have a function to disable being able to jump down on jumpthrough platforms, but it doesn’t look like there is something like that (not to my knowledge at least)
I redid the thing I was talking about from the platformer template tho. I’ve set the gravity at 9000 and jump sustain at 0 so you can maintain spacebar to spam jump and see how it behaves instead of just destroying your spacebar.

Since idk how you would like me to export the thing, I’ve did both web and zip Burly Request (Platformer) | Play on zip link DropChaprilOrg (file expires after 100downloads or 5 days)

First platform is just a platform, flat. 2nd platform is just at 359°, if you spam jumps while pressing the right key you can see that it’s just bugged, my guess is that climbing the platform (even by a single degree) just blocks the jump’s momentum. Third one is a jumpthrough platform, still at 359°. This time jumps aren’t blocked.
In my personal project I’ve tried to tweak some values, gravity, jump sustain etc, just to see if my character would get blocked if it jumped fast enough and it always does in my testing.

Since I couldn’t make my workaround work, I’ve just disabled the ability for the character to jump down from platforms. For now I’ll just adapt my own personal project to that and redesign some stuff so I don’t have to jump down through some platforms.

Thanks. What I wanted was actually the zipped project folder, but it’s okay, I redid it on my side and forwarded the issue to the devs. :+1:

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