Platformer movement from scratch using tweens

Hello! ive been making platformer movement from scratch for a few days and im pretty happy with what ive gotten so far! sure theres lots of bugs but it actually controls well, sorry i cant show video btw,

lemme know if you wanna know how it works.
(note this isnt in the game showcase category cause its not really a game and its not done)

oh, cool!
I’ve never used tweens before, it would be inteesting if you can use something like ScreenToGif to capture it and maybe show the events too.

oh, im sorry, my pc exploded and i lost everything… welp i can explain how it worked, instead of using more values for acceleration and deceleration it just tweens the speed, it constantly adds the speed to the player and you control it with tweens. thought that was cool

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sorry to hear that, hope you get back on your feet eventually and stabilize.
thank you for telling the method! I can definitely picture it being smoother with linear interpolation stuff. (has never used tweens before)