Platformer remake

I posted a message about a platformer game that I made but altered after feedback about having to replay from level 1.

Trouble is that a player has told me that he couldn’t jump to the first platform on level 1 and the game lagged a lot.

So if a few people could test the game for me it would be really helpful as I have tested it myself and found no issues at all.

But he also claimed Gdevelop is the worst platform engine there is which is most likely that he tried to build a game and failed miserably.

any feedback and constructive criticism most welcome

No lag for me, I played until Level 2, the jump from the last ledge to the door was a bit to much for a 2nd level imo, There needs to be some kind of cool down after you get hit, It seems to start off to hard to fast, let us work in to the game, do not throw it all at once. music dose not fit the game imo, keep up the work, just need some touch up,

Hi again Bonzilles-Games

I didn’t play your game after you updated it in the other post but have played it again from the link in this post.

Very good. I had no lag. It’s very smooth and I think the saving levels and automatic restart is a good improvement. I like the music and for me, its light hearted stye suits the game. And you’ve done a great job with a variety of challenges across the different levels.

I have some more suggestions, can you have a label saying the level number? I don’t know how many I played, maybe four or five. The last one I played was with the rats.

And speaking of rats, on that level the dog’s health went down without anything causing it, I’m guessing it was from a timer. I didn’t like that and so stopped playing. If health goes down with time then I feel like there should be a visual reason, maybe some kind of disease cloud from the rats makes the dog sick?

And speaking of health, I thought the sound the dog makes when it loses health from cats, bees etc could be cuter, it sounded kind of weird to me.

I forgot which level it was, probably two, I had a lot of trouble with that, the target kennel was top left and I would get there but lose health from the bees, I think?. But I was determined to get there so I could check out the next levels :dog:

Well done, great job, fun game, cute graphics, very good.

Thank you .

On the rat level there’s a thorn bush that hurts the dog they may look a little too much like just a background part.

Gdevelop is really easy. UE4-5, Unity, GMS2 is really hard for beginners.

About you game:
For me, the control is not comfortable. All: jumps, moving.
You should watch a few tutorial video about movements and controls.
Because you just keep default control settings…

This is my control setting for the game with a view from above:

Yeah, I’d agree with what @GamedevMat wrote there. There’s no visual indication when you get hurt (maybe flash the dog or bump it into the air and give a few seconds of invulnerability?).

You ideally want a learning curve. A very simple and easy to finish first level, then build up the difficulty as the levels progress.

The music is suitable for the main screen, but maybe something more subtle as in-game music?

I found no lag playing it on a reasonably specced laptop.