Platty the ... Platformer

I never made a platform game, so here is one. It’s the Level 1 Edition. You can poll if I should make the next level or drop.

Have fun and don’t be frustrated

Do you want the next level?

  • Yes!
  • Sure, why not.
  • Hell no!

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Hello, virtualjoruney!

I like hard games and yours has a charm! I liked the animations of the character!

I want the next level!!! :video_game:

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Thanks Rasterisko! I feel like your nice feedback is enough motivation for me to do the second stage :smiley:
Really appreciate your comment!

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The community (here and reddit) has voted in favor for a next level.
I’m just doing another side project but as soon as I’ll find an hour or two’ I’ll do it.
A month a level sounds feasible :slight_smile:

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