Player falling during first frame at start of scene - Platformer project

Hi everyone,
I don’t understand why at start of scene, the player start in jumping/falling animation for a few frame whereas he actually touches the ground.

Here a capture of it where I actually restart the game multiple time :

Here is a capture of the player in the editor :

Here is the project (it’s the standard platformer project, I just add an option to restart the game using ‘r’)

What are your though about it ?

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You need to change your Player’s animation on the scene editor

This is a known issue. A fix has been worked on and is pending review. [Platformer] Fix the platformer object small movement when it is on a platform at startup by D8H · Pull Request #2603 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub

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Thanks ! Hope it will be integrated soon :slight_smile: