Player (Top-down behaviour) animation change not working with collision

Is it something I’m doing wrong? The top-down behaviour and changing animations on key-press isn’t working in version GDevelop-5-Setup-5.2.169

My player sprite has idle & run animations and i cannot pick up objects whilst ‘run’ is active

I’ve reverted back to version 5-1-158 and this seems to have resolved the issue.

Hello, robertofreemano

I tested it here using the version 5.2.169 app.image and it’s working perfectly with the same events:

The NewSprite change the animations always when starts move or when stops.

Did you change anything else? Are you sure that you tested using 5.2.169 and not 5.2.168? I’m asking this because in this previous version there was a problem with the automatic collision mask that affected the animations.

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Hi @Rasterisko,

I’ve just checked my downloads folder and can see GDevelop-5-Setup-5.2.168.exe… so I must have been using 5.2.168.
I appreciate you taking the time to assist - thanks very much :slight_smile: