Playstore Warning For Advertising ID (Possible GDevelop Build Services Bug)

I’m finished making my game. I was uploading it to google playstore and now I’m seeing an error that worries me because I created the .aab (Android App Bundle) using GDevelop build services.

The warning reads as follows:

You must complete the advertising ID declaration before you can release an app that targets Android 13 (API 33). We’ll use this declaration to provide safeguards in Play Console to accommodate changes to advertising ID in Android 13.

Apps targeting Android 13 or above and use advertising ID must include the permission in the manifest.

Seems like some code is missing from the manifest file, IDK.

I don’t see how it could be anything on my end since I used the build services, but maybe I’m missing something.

I hope that this can be resolved quickly If this is a bug and not something I can fix myself locally.

Are you using the Admob extension, any In App Purchase extension or any other “Cordova” extension in your game?

EDIT: Also, go to your Google Play Console, select the app you are trying to upload and on the left side go to Policy -> App content in there fill the Advertising ID form. If you are displaying ads with Admob, choose “Yes”.
Let me know if it works after that.


I completed the Advertising ID form and the warning is gone now.

Thank you.

Google should really name that section something different than “warning” with the wording and icons they use. I automatically just assumed that something was wrong rather than seeing it as a “notice” to check if things are in order.

When I read this:

Apps targeting Android 13 or above and use advertising ID must include the permission in the manifest.

I assumed the software detected in the app that the permission was not in the manifest, but it looks like it was just a notice to ensure that.

There were two other warnings though, but I was told by someone that the tester is something I have to do (assign people to test the app) and the last one can be ignored (can the deobfuscation one really be ignored?).

The warning about testers is most likely due to the fact that you released the application as an alpha version, which requires a list of testers, in order for your application to be available to everyone, you need to release a production build.
And the second warning can be ignored

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