Please help Cannot open game


  • Did you use non latin characters?
  • Is the file path have non latin characters too?
  • Seem your file is really corrupted, did you edit the file manually?

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I cleaned the project file to remove all corrupted parts.
You can load the project, BUT: by removing corrupted part, I’ve removed, objects, instances on scenes, lot of events.

But at least the project can be loaded.
Be sure to make copies by Save As is another folder time to time.

While you save don’t press multiple times save button, once is fine, and wait few seconds before closing the app after a click on save button.


Thanks man, appreciate it

I’m having the same problem.

Both your game file and backup are completely empty, there’s nothing that can be done.



Where is stored the project file?
On your PC?
In cloud? Google Drive? One Drive?
Another PC on the same network?

I can’t help your json files are empty.