Ploo - My First Video Game!

Hello everyone. As the title says, I just uploaded my first video game to It was made entirely within GDevelop of course, apart from the sound, which was done in Audacity. It’s a very simple browser game for two players, but it does need a keyboard to play. It’s a sort of tennis game, but with creatures who catch the ball in their mouths and blow, or ploo, the ball back towards their opponent. It took about five weeks from beginning to end, but that included learning how to use Gdevelop, Piskel and Audacity.
I hope to keep developing it, adding an AI opponent, a difficulty selection mode and adding more variety in the characters.
It doesn’t run very smoothly, and the Quit function doesn’t work, so I would appreciate your comments and suggestions on these and any other points you might have.

Here’s the link:

Thank you in advance.


Hello everyone! So I uploaded my game to, Someone downloaded it, and they say it loads up to the menu, then just goes to a beige screen when they try to run it. It runs fine for me on a laptop and a pc. Anyone got any ideas?



It works here too. But why don’t you share it as an HTML game that can be plaid in the browser or create a proper executable with the online build service?

The average user probably would have no idea they need to run index.html and also many may use Chrome that doesn’t allow to run JS from local drive.

Regarding the game, I find the controls a bit difficult to use, I think what you should do is ploo the melon as soon as we release the button instead of gain power with one button and then press an other button to ploo. It would also make it more fun as we need to get the timing right to catch the direction and also the power.
Also you could easily add some basic AI that follow the melon(?) on the X axis randomly and more accurately as the difficulty increase. So it would be slow and inaccurate at first and then improve it as the player progress…

Because it’s a web game, and some browsers don’t allow loading hard drive files directly (yeah, Chrome browser doesn’t want to load your own images).
It’s because of security reasons, so web apps can’t steal files from your disk :slight_smile:

To fix it you’ve to put the game on a server (I think supports web games loading) or open the game in Firefox :wink:

Hello and thanks for your help and suggestions.

I was thinking of sharing the game as a .html but I wasn’t sure how to do it. I’ll certainly look into it.


Steve :smiley:

On set the project to HTML and mark the zip file to be plaid in the browser and make sure the width and height of the embedded game is also correct in the project settings at
Not sure if it works with .7z, if it not try it with .zip instead. … to-itch-io

Thanks for the advice. You were right about the .7z but a .zip worked fine.

One problem I had with the embedded version is I used the arrows keys for player two, so every time the down arrow was pressed the screen scrolled up and the game disappeared! Easily fixed by switching to using numpad keys, and I’ll know not to use them in my next game.