Pohon Kebunku (Development Process)

Hello everyone. Inspired by Gemetry Monster example game, so i decided for make my own game. This game currently still in development process and only working on PC/Laptop Browser.

I hope you enjoy my game and can give me some advice via this post or the form in this link for next development.


Game Demo

That’s a cute and clever idea to have a bucket catching fruit, nice one.

I had to press the f11 button as the game size was taller than my screen area. It’s possible to have a full screen option in the edit game settings on itch.

Also, the buttons in the pause menu didn’t work for me, whether i clicked on them or used the arrow keys and pressed enter.

I wasn’t sure what winning meant, like did I get to a certain score? And I didn’t notice, did catching the caterpillar lower the score? And were the different colour fruits worth different values? It was all so fast and the game ended so quickly, I didn’t have time to check.

If the game ends quickly by achieving a certain score then have you considered having a timer to give the player something to improve on? Like do it in a better time?

I looked at your questionnaire but didn’t do it. The topic of the questions didn’t seem to relate to catching fruit in a bucket, haha.

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Thank’s for your feedback. It’s mean a lot for me. Well, it’s seems i have many homeworks to do for my first game lol xD.

Yes. The game “winning condition” concept will finish if you reach a certain score.

Long term concept for this game im trying for educating people some fruits have rich in vitamins, or have more market value. So for example if you catch the red ones you got higher point, but if you catch the green one you got lowest point.

Or like the obstacle. Caterpillar is one of many pest in Apple tree. So if you catch that bug it will reduce the scoring score.

Again, thank’s for your feedback. I will try my best for solving this problem :slight_smile:

I just played it twice more, the first time I won with a score of 145 and the second time with 150. I think it’s good if the player knows what they’re aiming for so you could have either a target score or countdown to it or something.

With the different fruit values and bug values, you could have a little + and - the score kind of bursting out of the bucket like +10, +5, -20, to show the different values. That is if you don’t have some more educational way planned.

That’s a great idea about the bugs. I know this is beyond the concept of your game but birds need to eat too, haha, so maybe sometimes they could fly by and eat the fruit out of the air. And now this is going way beyond your concept, but if there was some way to scare the birds away, then that would temporarily mean less fruit loss, but, there would be more bugs as sometimes the birds would eat the bugs instead.

Hope you keep us updated, it sounds fun.

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I will consider your suggestion. :smile: