Point-UI shifts with large sprites


Recently I’ve run into a problem while designing my game. I have a large sprite (1280x720) which is supposed to show a high-res image of a weapon. I want to put points on certain parts of the gun to spawn buttons on for an upgrade menu (click on point XY to upgrade that part). Problem is the following:

I open the “Edit Points” UI and the window (which you cannot resize / zoom in btw which is frustrating for different number of reasons) shows my sprite and a black border around it showing where it ends. At least that’s what it should do (and does with smaller sprites no problem). The frame tho, which limits where I can put points moved about 300 pixels (out of the window) to the left while the sprite itself is now. That means whenever I drag and drop a point on my sprite, it actually gets registered a couple hundred pixels further down the x axis. Super frustrating and seems to happen at random with bigger sprites.


The issue is already known, and it might be corrected one day (it seems a bit hard to correct) !

2 things :

  1. Avoid to use image larger than 1024x1024px (and never larger than 2048x2048), it can be a problem for some mobile devices. Workaround : Cut your image in two image, then create/place it to looks like one image.

  2. You can manually enter the coordinates of the points X and Y, so basically it’s a workaround to set your points outside the editing zone.

Aw great dude thanks a lot for the response!! :slight_smile: I didn’t know it was already known sorry, I’m new to the forum!

Those are some great ideas! Sucks that there’s no fix, but whatever. Thanks a lot again, I’ll see what I can do! And it’s immensely helpful to know the “bug-limits” (1024x1024)