Polytope Episode One: Tesseract RELEASED!

Polytope Episode One: Tesseract RELEASED!

Polytope is a story-driven game that emerges from the perspective of a cube.
Begin the journey to rediscover who you are with the help of higher entities.
Master the rules of this unique cubic universe and unite with the cube.

The game is updated to ver. 1.0.1!

  • Full support for Xbox controllers.

  • Fixed some background rendering issues.

  • The game is now a bit easier :slight_smile:

  • Mac and Linux versions are now available!


NOW YOU CAN PLAY THE GAME IN YOUR BROWSER! Polytope Episode One: Tesseract

  • NOTE : Enable fullscreen mode on your browser ( F11 on Chrome )

(but I strongly recommend you to download and install the game because you may experience lag playing it in the browser)

If you spot any bugs, please let me know - seraphiheaven@gmail.com​​

Go check it out! Thank you very much for your support!


It is not a hate. but, an suggestion. You could make the colour of the font on the game page a bit lighter as the dark BG might make it a bit hard to read for some people. And, good thing that you added a note saying the windows defender might recogenise it as a virus. You could make an HTML export and host it on the page so, people can play and see if they like it without downloading it or if there computer is slow.

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  • The background is darker because of the light source. Mouse is a light source. :slight_smile: I may change it in the future update.
  • I tried to post it both browser and downloadable game but itch tells me that there are too many files in zip :frowning: I will try to delete some of the unused resources and try that again.

Thanks Midhil very much!

I meant about the your game’s itch.io page not the game. The font is a bit dark to read

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Oh yeah. Sorry for misreading. I have changed the font of the page and I think the text is now easier to read. Updated first post. :wink:

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Hey Midhil, I followed your advice and now you can play the game directly in your browser!
First post updated!


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