Possible Error in the Animation Loop Button

Hi, I am new to G-DEVELOP. I am an amateur game developer/programmer and I just want to start by saying that I love the game engine and the idea behind it!

My first comment is I think that there MIGHT be an error in the animation settings of G-DEVELOP. I uploaded 8 sprites that I wanted to use for an animation and I only wanted the animation to play one time once the “C” button on the keyboard is pressed. But, even though I did not press the “LOOP” button the animation still loops and it doesn’t play all of my animations in the 0.05 second (or fps) that I set. It plays only the last few. Thus, I thought that this might be something worth mentioning unless I am doing something wrong on my end.

By default an animation will only execute once, if the loop isn’t ticked yet. It could be that you did not add a “trigger once” condition after checking the key press for the [C] key.

It would be nice if you uploaded a copy of it to check the problem also.