(possibly) bug yarn

when the text is printed and when, for example, special bbcode things are used, then between the text and other text (word) that uses, for example, a different color, then a certain delay occurs, although I have not changed anything


Yarn renders all characters as typed. It has no way to know that BBText objects don’t render certain items (BBcode bracketed code), so it’s still scrolling all of the characters you’ve written, hence a percieved delay. All of the characters are being written with the same duration, you’re just not seeing any of the characters in brackets as BBCode doesn’t render them.

This is described here: Delay when using typewriter effect - #2 by Silver-Streak

I am not sure there is anything on the GDevelop side the developers can do as Yarnspinner/Yarn is maintained separately, although I’m leaving this open for a Contributor to chime in to confirm either way.

Your current solution would be to use bitmap text or a normal text object, or not use BBCode with a BBText object.

I addressed this issue on Github BBCode Text Object: Scroll Clipped Text Issues · Issue #3011 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub initial comments looked promising but has seemed to fizzle out for now.