Possibly sound effect-related crash after new update

In the last update or so, I got this error. It happens sometimes when deleting save data then clicking the main object in a clicker game. I believe this is somehow being caused by the sound effect the main object makes because of another error I got.

The other error, similar to this, in a runner game (same project, it’s a collection of several games) where hovering over menu buttons would cause an error to pop up if a player deleted their save data and returned to the menu. I eventually narrowed it down to being caused by the sound effect the ‘delete save data’ button made for some reason and was able to remove the error by removing the “preload a sound effect” command I was using with said sound effect.

I don’t believe it was any changes I made as I had stopped working on my game for a bit and only started getting these two errors immediately after I resumed work on the game several GDevelop updates later.

I understand that I may need to send my project over, but before I resort to that, does anyone have any idea what the bug is being caused by or what the error log means? I might be able to fix it in a similar way I fixed the last error. Thank you. :slight_smile: