Potentially Bugs and Advice for Improvements

  • Object (Text) deviated (Up) few pixel from original position when played
  • Please Add Multi select for Object panel to make it easier to delete, copy, add tags, etc
  • When parent folder of the project have special character (#), gdevelop cant show the actual image of object in editor but works normally on preview
  • Pathfind Obstacle behavior still can be passed trough by Pathfind object when they intersect even if impassable boolean in pathfind obstacle already checked, and extra border is equal to (/2)+(/2) (Both object are square)
  • There’s a significant delay when playing audio whether with a channel or not
  • Separate object not worked on the same object (Object Move = Object Won’t Move)
  • Draggable cant multi touch without Deactivating Moving Cursor With Touches