Prerendered background in 3Dspace like Resident Evil


I want to make point and click adventure game with 2D art, but to build it in a 3d environment for various reasons. Is it possible to use prerendered Images (or even better video) as 2d backgrounds and have a 3d model move around as if the 2d background was 3d? If so would this be something even worth doing on Gdevelop considering the engine’s limitations?

Thanks in advance (please don’t be too hard on me)

I’ts not an easy task,since you gonna lack some “depth” in your game…as you can notice now in old Re games.
My approach to your problem would be tocreate some 3d ambient scene with blender or any other 3d software and render as image then create collisions where needed…
…doable…but you gonna need skills.