Pressing Tab button breaks game on mobile browsers

Replication steps:
1A. If you have a mobile browser open that
1B. If you don’t have a mobile browser open Chrome, open a new tab, and open the dev tools on that tab (to simulate a mobile browser)
2. in GDevelop launch a network preview of the game
3. navigate to that url (clearing the cache if needed)
4. click on the game (to make sure focus is on the canvas)
5. press the tab button on your keyboard
6. try to click anywhere on your game
7. notice there is an error log every time you click:

[Intervention] Unable to preventDefault inside passive event listener due to target being treated as passive. See

Most things still work fine, but this is blocking for me as I am using the new text input object, and after a person presses tab they can no longer get back to the object to type again. (1)

@Silver-Streak @Gruk @Bouh can either of you verify that this is a bug? Or tell me that I’m doing something wrong?

I don’t know why you tagged me, but mobile keyboards don’t have a tab key. :thinking:

So someone could verify the bug and log it.

When playing on iPad, if you have to type any text (like with the Text Input object), the keyboard that comes up does have a tab button.

OK, I didn’t know about that. :+1:
I have followed your instructions and was able to reproduce the issue, I’ll forward to the devs.

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