Preview and Export not working, source code has mistyped "toString" functions

this is for discord user @ryatinthehood’s game but i did alot of the investigating on it, the game never finishes the preview process, you can tell by it not autosaving and theres never a brief window pop up of the preview, and exporting gives you this error: “error while exporting the game ; cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘toString’)”

i checked the dev console and saw this error aswell, with alot of files having a ton of mistyped toString instead of ToString, but some of these are files you cant edit and they seemingly revert these changes once you save and reload the engine

when i looked through the source code though instead of devtools, i couldn’t find any of these typos
this doesn’t happen in any of my other projects, but it is universal for all scenes, none of the events looked as though they had these typos

here’s the game file 159.13 MB file on MEGA