Preview bug

I’ve noticed that after I’ve clicked preview three times (in html5 i.e. web platform if that is relevant), the cursor changes from an arrow shape to that circle shape(which is displayed when something is loading or not responding etc.) and stays like that in gd. The ribbon buttons stop working however, the scene editor still works. It’s not possible to preview and moreover, it’s only possible to change the tab in the ribbon. GD cannot even be closed. I then turned off autosaves and there were no errors however, this problem has started again. It’s really annoying and it disrupts my work. :frowning: Ultimately, I have to use the task manager to kill gd and then restart it.

Any ideas anyone at all :confused: :frowning:

Don’t click preview 3 times. I’ll look into it, forked GD repo over, but haven’t time to clone it to HDD. Anyway, I’ll see what could cause the issue.