Preview completely bugs since today

I’m wondering what is going on. I haven’t change something that could suddenly make all my games bug, shut down suddenly, freeze etc…
I restarted and again all my games bug.

There hasn’t been any new releases in a few weeks, and unless you are using rhe web version, previews are done locally on your machine.

Unfortunately that means it is likely going to be something specific to your machine and projects.

Yeah sorry I made a new post with more details.
What might have happened is that the size of computations reached a limit for Gdevelop. That’s the only explanation I could came up with. I monitored all data and before a freeze the TimeDelat() gets values above normal. During the freeze some variables are null, 0, not even 0.001… Plain 0.
Is it possible that after a certain size Gdevelop can’t do the computations anymore?

GDevelop uses standard javascript libraries for math.

All programming languages have a highest number they can calculate. Javascript is no different in this regard. You can read more about highest integers in JS here: JavaScript MAX_VALUE Property

Beyond actual numbers, there’s no maximum to calculations themselves being done, unless you’re interating on some form of variable (or repeat value) and it surpasses the highest integer as mentioned above, then the variable would hit the limit.

However, in those cases you wouldn’t hit null or 0, unless you’re trying to add/subtract something above the max value (upon which you’re trying to add/subtract an invalid number in the programming language).

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