Instance variables suddenly becoming null or infinite

Yesterday the previews of my games started to all bug suddenly while I didn’t make any change that could explain that. What they all have in common is the same equation of motion for the objects on the screen.
When the bug occurs the objects stop moving, their speed become 0 or they disappear from the screen, their speed become infinite (I record the max speed and it show infinite).
I look into the debugger when the objects freeze and indeed the speed was set to 0 while all the other variables seemed to be fine.
In the code the speed is defined once and there is no way it could be defined as 0 because there’s a minimal speed v=max(expression, 0.1).
So how is this possible? what kind of bug is this?
The code is long, is it possible that there’s a limit on the amount of data or operations the preview can handle?

Shadowbonnie7 is having the same issue while making a behavior.

The Y value is null. I haven’t heard an update. I suggested it could be a variable or division by zero. I know the new variable syntax or autocomplete has issues. It doesn’t seem as forgiving when dealing with undeclared variables or non-existent objects. I’m not saying your issue is related to that but it could be connected.

I submitted a report on crashes when using a child name that doesn’t exist. It seems to be tied to arrays but IDK. Either way, they verified it and are fixing that bug.

I’m ready to check every possibilities. You say it might be a recent update that is less forgiving. I was not updating the gdevelop automatically and didn’t do so for a while. The bug appeared yesterday out of the blue. Before it was working fine for at least 6 months with the same equations I’m using now.
In the debugger all variables seem to have normal values except the speed of the objects and the variables that directly depend on the speed.
When the objects freeze all speeds become 0.
Then some objects start moving again but very slowly. Like the speed was blocked at 0 for some time.
I’m not using array, just globalvariables and instance variables of objects, like “change the variable v of object”

Can you post the movement events? Are you using any behaviors? What version are you using? I believe the current version is 5.3.186 There were some buggy version which have been depreciated. (182, 183 & 184)

thanks a lot for helping, it’s months of work for me.
I’m now using the new version. Not using any behavior.
I’m not sure about the movement events you’re asking for. I have a main scene that deals with all the speeds, positions and forces. It’s ~3000 lines of events. I don’t think you want all that.
Now the important thing is that this scene was duplicated a while ago for different games I made. They all started to have the same bug 2 days ago.

It sounds like a bug. Are you getting any errors either in the debugger or when you press Control+Shift+i while previewing (it should open Dev tools) Don’t ask me what everything on that part means.

the only errors I have are “failed to load resources” , pictures and sounds that I erased from the assets file.

IDK what to say. Hopefully, someone with GD can respond.

After testing for 3 days, the only thing I could come up with is that there’s too much computations and some variables are not computed anymore or they are computed but then the TimeDelta() bugs. It would explains why all the dynamics is out of control.
Is it possible that the size of calculations becomes too important for Gdevelop?

I have no idea. My only advice would be to check the values in several different places to see if you can find where the value goes wrong either with a debug action or a text object.

that’s what I have been doing. Before the freeze TimeDelta() jumps to a higher values ~0.05. Then during freeze, speeds of some objects get to plain 0. Not even 0.000something.
It’s weird I don’t get help from Gdevelop team. It’s the official forum here?

It’s usually a little more active here. I think everyone is still recovering from the holidays.