Preview Doesn't work

I found out today after updating to 5.0.0 beta92 that preview on projects that have layer effect in them doesn’t work, when I preview the project it’s just a blank black screen stuck on 100%.

Try to reinstall it.

I delete beta 92 and install beta 89 from github but its stuck on installing please wait screen

Reinstall the lastest,
Uninstall the lastest properly.
After uninstall you can verify if the app still exist in.


Then you can install the previous build if the folder is empty.

do you mean if the programs folder is empty of gdevelop or do i need the gdevelop folder empty.

Also check if you don’t have wrong/unfilled effect parameters

If you have the effect advanced bloom remove it, it’s bugged until the next release.

when will advanced bloom be fixes because a lot of my games uses it to look good.

How many games do you have? :slight_smile: