Preview - Kendrick and the Sword of Destiny

Hi guys

Like I posted before I’m currently busy with a platformer game called “Kendrick and the Sword of Destiny”. I’m adding a link to a youtube video to show the progress of the game.
Hope you guys enjoy it.

During the intro and the first moments of the gameplay I had the impression it is going to be something really serious staff then you start to collect coins and jump on enemy heads and I find the sound effects hilarious in a good way not sure why but it was make me smile. Not sure if that was the intention though… Graphics are nice too.

Hi ddabrahim

I really appreciate the input ,I was thinking of changing the intro . Any ideas ? I’d really appreciate any help. The aim is to put a type of comical sense of humor to the game .


I’m afraid I’m the last person to give you any advice here.
Unfortunately I’m not the creative kind of person and I can’t really give you any ideas for the intro.
But the comical sense of humor did come through to me I think it works but my sense of humor is also not the best, I often find things funny that not intended to be and take things seriously that meant to be a joke.