Preview not including latest changes

Hi, I am new to GDevelop and have been creating a game on it for some time. I am using the app.
For some time now, though, when I preview my project, Preview doesnt show my latest changes, and instead of the preview button it is showing “UPDATE”, even if I haven’t made any changes since I started to preview. Even after I click preview, it does not update.
I have saved my file repeatedly and restarted GDevelop as well. Also, once it was showing that the “preview is overriden. Right Click for more details”
Please help!

Dear v1991,
I suggest you a simple test:
insert this code in your game

run the preview
presst CTRL + SHIFT +I
and check if the log message is present.

If yes, your game is updated
if not, you could reinstall Gdevelop.


Thanks for the advice jumpingj. I tried it, and the console showed the message, yet for some reason the rest of the code is not updating in the preview

I think that is not possible.
Maybe your code isn’t correct ? (I make errors each day)

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