Preview Real Size

Hi i’m “the resumer” :laughing: Ok, seriously I’ve meet an issue(a bug, a my distraction??). Testing GDevelop5 usually I use wide screen resolution(1\3HD; 360p) in project setting, and same in grid setting: 1\10 of…so if project w;h R=640x360, grid is 64x36px, so I have a “10 row x 10 columns” grid for structure the elements. BUT the preview, like U can see in images, don’t is. [This happened with 1\6 HD resolution too(320x180), exactly +128px.]

What I think, but I’m not a programmer, the code size for the Window Preview has been calculated included toolbars, so the visible area(=mask-area=project-setting w;h), is not that U expect. All this. :question: