Problem about 'Remove Unused' feature

Related with my previous problem: Tilemap error after update - #7 by davy

What I did:

  1. My project are doing fine then I use 'remove unused → resouces (any kind).
  2. Project still look fine(in the scene editor) but actually json file needed for my tilemap object are all gone in the resource list.
  3. I save the project and exit gdev and open it again.
  4. I browse for my project and open it.
  5. All tilemap object show error in the scene editor.

Is it just me or its a bug? Shouldn’t using ‘remove unused’ won’t remove files that I need?
I am using gdev 5.1.158.
Hopefully other members can replicate my steps and see if they also have problems with the ‘remove unused’ feature.

seems like a bug, I will move the topic to bug report.

Do you also have similar problem with your gdev?

Here is the video:

My json file for the tilemap is removed even though my project is using it.
What did I do wrong? Previously I use ‘remove unused resource’ a lot with no problems, but I have problem with the new update.
All my tilemap object that I create before update encounter error(the json file got removed), but tilemap object that I create after update is ok(the json file didn’t get removed) .