Problem in gdevelop!

I am sorry if it looks like I am screaming!! But looks like the audio of games are not being played on mobile when they are exported to android .apk file from one click export!!

it works fine for me, have you set the Channel?
can you show the code when you play a sound? does It work in preview mode?

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Yeah ,It works perfectly in preview!!!
I have combined the different screenshots to 1 plz check it! The black line is used to separate the 2 events as they are different!

hi, volume is quite low, can you put 100. I’ve noticed that in preview doesn’t work the sound If you don’t go to the scene with sound from the main scene.
Maybe is a problem packaging the mp3:
avoid blank espaces in the name
and I use the mp3 in a folder inside my game folder, for example create a sound folder in your game project, put there the mp3 files and modify the play sentences to use them.
If you pause a scene the sound is stopped there is an option when you do right click on a scene where you can uncheck an option that says “stop playing music when paused” or something like that, I don’t remmenber now. Uncheck it and let us know

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i don’t think i understand anything you said! thanks for the help by the way!
and to say again there is no problem in the preview!! everything works as intended! it is perfect in the preview!! but in mobile the music doesnot play! seriously it doesnot play in the same mobile in which it was made !
the capitalized ones are to be taken into consideration!!

ok, you can send the project and i can do some test Its what i can offer you It is hard to answer without seeing it

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Does it play the audio after you touch the screen?
If it does, then it is not GDevelop but Chromium that require the user to touch the screen before starting to play audio. One possible work around is to add a “Start Game” button or something to force players touch the screen before start the game.
If it doesn’t, I can see the path to the file is point to “Downloads” folder, in case this folder is outside the project folder, maybe when you upload to the build server the audio files are not included. Possible solution is to copy the audio files in to the project folder and make the path point to the project folder instead. Note, you may still need to touch the screen first on mobile in order to play audio.

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I’m surprised that “channel: yes” works fine in preview.
And NO NEED TO SHOUT. :shushing_face:

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I’m surprised that “channel: yes” works

Possibly it is return 0 at runtime. Usually this is what GD does when something is incorrect, return 0 or an empty string “” which is normally the ‘default’ value in case of properties so it doesn’t break but may generate some bugs.

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OK! I changed the "channel :yes " to “channel:1” That was not intended by me at all :sweat_smile:!
And I also added music files to the project file changing the music location in the events too! I am currently waiting for my 1 day to complete as I had already used all my android exports! Hope this helps!! And previously no matter how much I touch the screen ,the music didnot play and I also had a main menu to make user touch! So i will see…

And how am I supposed to send my project for testing by the way?? I am new here and dont know much!!

you can make a zip file from your working folder and sen via or something similar.
For the code only the json file is necessary but it would be better having all the resources to check all

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your email?
PLz give it to me!! This is just to fill the 20 words requirement!

And plz dont use the assets for your benefit! OR else I will sue you lol!! I know you just wanted to help but I also just want to be safe!!

sure don’t worry I don’t want to be sued :scream:

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Frankly, I don’t think your assets worth anything but in case you think otherwise, I would advice you, anytime you hit a problem, try to reproduce your problem in a new, small project using NONE of your “valuable” assets and then if you can NOT reproduce the problem, you may find the reason why it does not work in your main project and if you CAN reproduce the problem but can not solve it, you can share the small project without sharing any of your ‘valuable’ staff. A small project is more simple for anyone to debug than your messy AAA game and you can also share it publicly since none of your ‘valuable’ staff included so more people can help maybe.


Yeah I also dont think they are worth much! But just to be safe ! Just incase someone decides to copy my assets and sue me for copying it!! Prevention is better than cure!! So yeah…! AND GOOD IDEA!

You are really over complicating this for no reason, the best solution is to pickup a free and open mindset and do share your work with people and let them use it and be happy to see your work been used by someone because that means it is good and you did make someone happy and did worth your time. But if you are against this and you prefer to take everything you do in to your grave or share only if you get paid for it then the only solution is what I was suggesting and simply do not share your staff if you don’t want to share it.

Only my opinion but I would hardly call that “prevention” if you threaten someone who only trying to help you instead of thank him or her. Just ridiculous also because you simply don’t have any legal base to do so and also because he is trying to help you. Maybe you should consider what xisco going to get in return for using his or her ‘valuable’ time to help you instead of working on his or her own project and do anything more productive. An accusation? :rofl:

If you don’t want to share something, don’t share it. Simple as that.

Lol ! I will not get angry even if someone uses my assets without asking me if they just “Credit me”! And I am good as long as someone doesnot “Sue me” by saying that the assets that I made with my poor skills are theirs! And I appreciate the help!!! Lol ! And maybe if I get largely get benefited from your help! I will definitely help the community in the future!

LOL! Dont worry ! I will not sue you as long as you dont sue me !!:joy: