Problem to export the game to HTML file

I am not getting able to export the game as HTML file however it was happening quite smooth since last 1.5 month approx but since past 3 days the HTML link not getting generated.

please someone reply on it

Error 500 can be a lot of things but, I’m almost sure is because of the internet connection, is is slown or interrupted, if you have a wired option to connect to the network, it must work. The same happens to me a lot of times because of Wifi, so when I have to compile just connect the wire network and it works.
Hope this helps.
Edit: make sure you save the project before compile in your screenshot is not saved Spacegame.json*

no I didn’t resinstall, is there any chance that the size of the project is hampering building the link?

But project was saved completely and I am using high speed broadband connection

This may be a bug. You can report it if it is.

What size is your project?

I believe maximum size for an online build is ~100 mb.

Okay then t’s not for size because project size is much lesser than 100 MB. Not understanding why for this project HTML link not getting generated.

Where to report? let me know

maybe in the forum here…

You can try all this:

  1. Check your game with Debugger and share some screenshot so we can see what’s happening there
  2. Change your game version in Preferences: like 1.0.0 or
  3. Add An Exception in your Firewall allow all connections of GDevelop
  4. Move your events into groups then try to disable groups one by one until you can check if everything is working as expected.

Another one is to ensure you have updated the project and app names in project preferences. Could be conflicts if left at default and someone else is compiling at the same time.