Problem with changing Fill Color of a Shape Painter

Hi, I have a problem and I don’t know if its really a bug and if its already been addressed or not but it seems that there are problems changing color to a Shape Painter.

Look at the simple code below (there is nothing else):

When I press the mouse button, the Shape Painter change color between the Red and the color of the Variable(Color.2), Blu; like in this Gif:


There is nothing in the code that could make the ball return to Red and yet…

It’s a Bug?

P.S.: The Black Square is there only to see when I click the Mouse button.

I see a purple color not a blue in circle, nevermind can you send the project here it will be easier to debug with dev tools.


Yeah… it’s a problem of my screen… it change blue in purple! :grinning:
I’ll try!

Everything is in the screenshot, there is nothing else in the code and I don’t know how to share the project… can you tell me how? Sorry.

Zip the project and put it on

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Done… I hope! :grinning:

Thanks, looks like there’s a bug indeed.
I’ll forward to the devs. :slight_smile:

Glad to be of help! :blush: