Problem with one click exporting to Android

Hey guys.

I’ve encountered a problem. When I’m trying to export my project using: File → Export (web, iOS, Android)… . I’m getting an error message. Unfortunately the “See logs” button doesn’t work. I’ve tried to search for the log files on my computer (in the gDevelop installation folder as well as in the C:\Users\User1\AppData\Roaming\GDevelop 5) and there is no log file (except for the log.log file). The “logs” folder is empty :frowning:.

I know the game is possible to export to android devices because I was able to manually export it into the files using “iOS and Android (manual)” function then I created an empty project in the Phonegap Desktop software. After that I swapped the whole “www” folder and config.xml file, thanks Metroid :wink: ! And at last I’ve installed Phonegap App onto my smartphone and paired the apps so that I was able to host the files from my computer and play the game on my phone.

I would love to be able to use the “Export (web, iOS, Android)…” button though, yet I have no idea what should I change to make it work since I can’t open/find the log files.

None of the “See logs” buttons from the image below work :/.

I have icons and the package name :wink:.

Try setting the application icons (Project panel >> Icons) :slight_smile:
It’s being fixed for the next version.

Thanks for responding so fast :slight_smile:. Do you mean this icons menu? (I hope the imgur link works this time)

Please don’t say you do :cry: … Because I’ve seen an earlier post with this solution and I’ve tried using two different images (one .png and one .jpg) and they don’t work :frowning: .

Did you use the generate button to create all the sizes?, if you did it and still fails there’s another problem around, maybe broken/missing images in the resources list or the build service is down/being updated.

Do you know if there is a limit to the size of the game? What I mean is google play allows apk files up to 100MB. When the file is bigger then the game/app have to be divided (I don’t know how, but this is what I found out recently and I’m losing my faith in this project :confused: or maybe I’ll just post it on iOS…).
My apk file created with Phonegap → Android Studio method is 140MB. Yes, I used generate button to create icons and I went through the resources and there is no broken nor missing files. I’ve deleted all unused ones and it still doesn’t work.
Do you think it could be the problem?

Not sure, make sure your GD version is up-to-date, that you’ve available builds and give it another try. The servers are up :confused:

Also, not sure if the GD online build service uses the same system (Phonegap) because the build sizes are a lot smaller here. For example, the space shooter templates compiles in a 2.2 Mb apk :neutral_face:

Hello guys!
I’ve put a lot of work and effort into making my app export with one click export option. For almost two weeks I’ve tried every option I could think of and only one thing worked for me… One I’ve mentioned on 28 November 2018. If you want to export your project properly you mustn’t exceed 100MB (at least this was the only difference between my “test projects”, I had one 150MB, second 115MB and third 86MB and only third exported properly).
There’s a reason why it’s 100MB and it’s connected to Google Play and how it handles apk’s. If your app exceeds 100MB then you have to somehow split the app into at least two and at most three files - one is a main file and others are auxiliary ones. It’s a big disappointment and I really hope that in the future GDevelop will be able to make expansion files like UE4, Unity or Construct :wink:.

Can you send me your project in a PM?, even if you know what is the problem I would like to check it out, compare the apk sizes generated by the build service and compiling it manually :slight_smile: