Problem with registering the project

Hey guys, i am having this error message in my project settings. Any idea how to fix it?

That means that someone else registered the game on their account. You have three solutions:

  1. If you are in contact with a person who had access to the project, ask them to check if they have registered the project and to unregister it if they’d done so. Once they do, you’ll be able to register it for yourself.
  2. Open the game.json in a text editor and remove the project UUID field. Don’t forget to back it up before editing it. After saving and reopening it, you should be able to register it again. Warning: with this solution, the person who registered your game will still receive analytics for any previous build you had made, not any future build though.
  3. Contact with an engineer of the GDevelop company (Florian, Clement, Alex…) with proof of your ownership of your game, your game’s UUID, and your account email address for them to transfer ownership manually.

Hey there, @arthuro555 is right here !
If this is an old game, there may be a chance it has been registered by someone else if the json has been opened with another account.

If that’s the case, feel free to get in touch on Discord and we can look together what happened.

Thanks guys, the game shouldnt have been opened with any other account other than mine, i think i’ve always used the same account since beginning.
Anyways ill try these steps and get in touch with you if it still doesent work

Thanks again :slight_smile: