Problems with animation speed for plataform behavior

I have a simple 2 frame animation for the character, when I configure the animation speed in the sprite everithing is ok, but when I launch a preview the animation speed goes full monke, I read somewere that the plataform behavior forces the walk animation speed depending on the acceleration and deceleration parameters, I need those parameter high because im trying to archieve a ZXspectrum-like movement (from 0 to full speed and from full to 0). Also I tryed to record screen to show everything but the framerate of the record doesn´t show the “full monke” problem. Thoughts, ideas, impresions? Thanks in advice.
Those are my plataform behavior values:

Unfortunately, The platform behavior has no concept of “walk animation”, so it wouldn’t impact your animation speed.

I’ve also done testing using the platformer example, and changing the platformer character parameters does not impact any of the character animation speeds, even if I move the behavior to the sprite instead of the hitbox object, so I cannot reproduce your issue.

Would it help to find a solution if I share a sample of my project?

Can you describe “full monke”? :upside_down_face:

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Like @Silver-Streak, I too have created a quick test project and used the same platform character behaviour settings you have. The result was no change in animation speed.

However, if I change the animation speed scale, it speeds up dramatically to what I suspect you mean by “full monke” :


I cannot capture this with ScreenToGif, but I were to describe it I’d say it looks like multiple animation frames placed on the screen at the same time, kind of like a speed blur effect.

As @MrMen says the animation speeds up to the max. My character animation only uses 2 frames, I tryed to clone those frames and the result was same

how many frames did you use? and what was the size of those sprites? maybe the size makes the diference for some kind of bug, because as I see everywere I´m the only one qith this isue T-T

10 animation frames, each frame 147x177 pixels.

I can also reproduce your issue if I change the scene’s time scale :


Are you changing any timescales?

Or have you set the delay between animation frames really low (this also creates the same effect) :

I tryed and nothing changes T-T I haven´t touch any time scale
This is all that I have for the character, the animation is set to 4fps (speed 0,25) and literaly nothing affects the issue

In the same scene there are other static objects with the same type of animation (2 frames 4fps) and they work just fine.

So is it the animation that’s playing really fast, or is GDevelop flipping between 2 animations?

Are those all the animation change events, or are there others?

Try to set the animation speed scale to 0.01, see how that works for you. :grin:

Also, are the collision masks the same for both animation frames? If one is slightly higher than the other, then it could cause the animation to repeatedly switch between idle and falling.

the animation playing fast and those are all the events related to the character

nothing visible changes T-T

collision masks are the same for every frame in every animation

Ok. Do you want to share a sample of your project? Upload it to a fileshare? Make sure the sample fails for you first though.

I´m on it, also I chaged the organization of events a bit but still nothing changes

Here you have, the reason of why im about to colapse XD

Edit: for some reason I forgot to check Loop on the walk animation this time, but it dosen´t affect aparently, anyways I check it

Edit 2: It’s too late for me here, so today I’m done, tomorrow I’ll continue, thanks

Add trigger once to all of your animation events. This looks less like your animations are gojng super fast and are instead just rapidly resetting to the first frame because you are telling it to restart every frame via your events.

Trigger once doesn’t fix it. For some reason the "odei is moving" is true one frame and false the next. Maybe a bug in the platform character behaviour?

Here are 4 changes that will fix the issue :