Project Avalon: interactive fiction

It’s a finished game, but might get some polish down the road (suggestions welcomed :slight_smile: ) Also, as this is the initial release, you shouldn’t be surprised if there are some bugs to squash - please share if you find them.

It’s a simple point and click story where decisions matter. There are 8 possible conclusions and 1 “True Ending”

You start out as ‘Kenji’ living a simple normal life… but seemingly small choices can have a big impact on how the story unfolds…

You can find the game on itch or our website

It’s currently available as an android apk or play online via browser: exports for other platforms may become available in the future.


What is the size of your game? It is truly very long to load it on Itch! (HTML version)
I also saw the APK game size is about 90Mo. It’s a great size for a phone, don’t you think?
I have not downloaded your game on my smartphone but i am afraid that this last would be too slow running a so tall game.
What do you think about that?


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Thank you for your input.

The browser version is quite large: mostly because of the high fidelity music and hi-res images (170mb)
The apk at 96mb had some adjustments made to the audio to reduce file sizes to get under the 100mb export limit.

It wouldn’t be too much trouble to make a version also with smaller files - but I wanted to present the game in the best way possible, with all the graphics and audio at the highest quality.

For what it’s worth, I don’t think your phone will have any trouble running the game, although the download may take a while. The gameplay is very simple with not a lot of moving parts - each scene has a few background images and music with a few buttons, so no resource intensive computing. The game is engineered to be story driven rather than gameplay driven.

If there is more demand for a “lighter” version I’ll definitely consider packaging the title with scaled down images and lower quality sound. The .json for the game is only ~2mb so there’s a lot of opportunity to reformat and save some space.

Thanks for your very detailed response.

If i can say that to you without offense, there are many softwares (i had one in my old outdated PC) which can divide by 5 or sometimes even by 10 , the size of fixed and displayed pictures.

I’ll download soon your game in my phone to test and say you the result of this last (of course, you’ll also have my opinion for your game)

I made tests to reduce the size on some tall pictures or images.
My conclusion is you can save about 80% on tallest pictures.
Concerning music files, i didn’t make tests, so i can say anything about.

About the game loading, it is not slow considering the size of the game.
In my opinion, it would be interessant to optimize the size of the differents assets and ressources of your game then compare:

  1. the APK size
  2. the game loading time

Now, i found your game very interessant although it’s not my preferred type of game.

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I have a newer version of this on itch (browser only til the export server is back up).

I reduced the size from 170mb to just over 50mb, so a substantial difference. I think I could probably squeeze another 10-20 mb from it down the road :slight_smile: