Project Creation Error


That’s weird. I don’t know what happened there.

Do you have an internet connection? Can you save locally instead?

I have a perfect internet connection

Is it a Chromebook? (Just wondering)

It IS a chromebook! How did you know? Does this program not work on Chromebooks?

It works. I develop with this solely in browser on chromebook and it works great.

There is no explicit support for Chromebooks, but if you’re using the web version it should work fine.

Do note that if you’re trying to create a GDevelop cloud project, and you’re not signed in with a account, you won’t be able to create it (since there’s no cloud storage for you to create your project on).

If you are signed in, and haven’t created more cloud projects than you’re allowed (I think 3 on free accounts), then the next thing I could think of is if you are connecting from a location that is blocked from Amazon Web Services, which is where the GDevelop cloud services are housed. (e.g. Cuba, Iran, North Korea, etc)

If you’re not in one of those regions, I’m not clear what else could be going on.

You know, I see many people having problems trying to create projects in GDdvelop and coincidentally what many of them (maybe all I saw until now) share in common is the fact of having a Chromebook.

The point where I want to reach is:

Is the Chromebook yours, or from an organization like a School or a College?

I saw this wiki link that teaches how to install GDevelop in a company, and it tells which domains need to be allowed in order for it to function:


Maybe people are having this problem, because their Chromebooks are from organizations which doesn’t have those domains in whitelist, consequently not allowing them to proceed into GDevelop services?

The device I am using is a school-owned Chromebook. Is this why I cannot operate the program properly?

I bet that is the reason, those school Chromebooks have all sorts of address-block systems, generally to avoid students playing games instead of learning.

Can you try to open this website

Does it block you/send an error message?