🧠 Project "Melted Fate" official devlog!

Hey everyone, I hope you all are doing great, I have a small secret surprise for you all and some small stories💙

So let’s start with the secret surprise >> here is a quick concept art from inside of "Melted Fate"

Important note: It has nothing to do with what the final game will look like (Spoiler: it will look way way better), this concept is only made to turn ideas into real footage that I can see and reflect on while actually working on the project, it’s very important at the beginning just to understand what I’m working on.

So It’s been around a month since I officially announced “Melted Fate” and I didn’t even start any announcement or marketing and already I’m seeing huge support from a lot of people on social media in my DMs, GDevelop community and on my discord (You can join here: Coriander Games) so I want to thank you all for that deeply, I promise you’ll be mind blown when it’s ready to show stuff from in-game once I have real actual gameplay to show you, still a lot of time left for that but I promise there will be time for that and you’ll love it I’m sure : )

That being said I’d like to share with you what has been happening with me lately on project “Melted Fate”:

1- so first of all I have been testing some stuff with an awesome team member of the GDevelop engine to create a very cool system for character movements and to reach a point where it’s similar to big games out there and maybe even better in some cases, I care so much about the smallest details and quality in my projects so we did an amazing system that I’ll use for movement in “Melted Fate” similar to games like “Hollow Knight, Ori series, Celeste, Dead Cells and more”

What I’m aiming for is 2 things which is smooth movement with weight to it, I want to make you feel you’re there, I don’t aim to make it easy or super difficult but just the right amount of smoothness that combines exploring with a good challenge, it will be like >> you can reach to this place but how? or I want to go higher but from where? so Environment and the level design in “Melted Fate” will play a big role in movement and in story.

2- Second thing I’m currently working on is animation…

The main character of “Melted Fate” will be called "RO"

His movement will be smooth and so his animations should reflect that and with that comes the real challenge, I know how to animate but never deep dived into it myself so to learn and do it myself is a real challenge currently but I’m getting through it slowly and I’m doing my best, might take 2 months (maybe less than that) to start getting the hang of it but I’ll get there I’m sure with time.

So first I tried Spriter but found out that it doesn’t have (Mesh Deformation) so I stopped using it or it has it but it’s unstable, then I tried Spine but it was difficult and not very friendly for me. And then I tried DragonBones and this one is very sweet and has a lot of options especially the ability to directly import a .PSD file from Photoshop into DragonBones with all the layers and their z-order which is very very helpful thing and a big deal for me.

So I’ll start doing animations with DragonBones and learn things away from the project it self until I get a hang of it and then work on the character in the game which will need over 14 animations which is going to be insane to work on, It’s a complicated project like I said before and will be a challenge but I always love challenges don’t I :smile:

Anyway that’s it for now, hope you all are having a good time and staying healthy.
Soon there will cool news about the GDWC big online event where they will play Miko Adventures Puffball in Finland and there will be other cool stuff related to Miko that you’ll all love, with time it will be reveled:blue_heart:

Thank you all for being a part of this and for being here supporting what I do, love you all💙