[Project] SpaceWings


I/ Introduction

SpaceWings is an action game with a breakout vibe, the goal is to destroy ennemies with the ball and shots while dodging bullets.

II/ Gameplay
The game has 9 planets with 8 levels where the last contains a boss.

a) The player
The player controls the ship with the mouse to prevent the ball from falling. The ball’s direction can be controlled by the player to the right or to the left with the arrow keys.
The player have HP, if it hits 0 you restart the level, no game over.
You can shots the ennemies, 20 shots can be obtained.

b) Bonus
The ? blocs appear in some levels, they can be broken by the ball or the shots and give you HP or extra shots.

c) Ennemies
Ennemies throw bullets to kill you, you lose 1 or more HP if they touch the center of the ship.
Some ennemies need to be hurted more time to explosed.
Bosses are bigger with more HP written on the screen, they have a particular patern.

III/ Story

Many time ago, in the solar system, the sun has grown, causing a global warming in the system and the disappearance of all life on earth. SpaceWings studied this case and send Kyo-ko, an alien red panda, observe this phenomenon by moving closer and closer to the sun.

IV/ Screenshots and video

V/ Download


Mars is finished, here is a screenshot of one of the 6 levels and the boss. In some levels, you have to get all the green pieces to unblock some ways.


Love it! Keep going! Is this an open source project where you can share the code?

No it isn’t, it’s a project for commercial purposes. ^^

The earth is finished, here is a screenshot from one of the 6 levels and the boss. When you are near the end, they will be more aggressive.
You can’t see it, but ingame the background is wave animated thank to a new Gdevelop feature.

Also, I added a points system, my game has arcade vibes, so why not ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is the points system

+50 when you touch the enemy.
+100 when you kill the enemy. (+50 per combo)
+100 when you break a ? block.
+50*the amount of laser shot at the end of each boss.
+500 when you kill the boss.
-100 if you lose a HP.
-1000 if your HP is dreaned.

Last thing, I uploaded 7 music in the gamejolt page, the list isn’t completed, it has the title music, 3 planets and 3 bosses theme.


Venus is finished, here is a screenshot of one of the 6 levels and the boss. Like the earth, the enemies will become more aggressive as you get closer to victory. You have to be careful with the volcano that spits hot stones too! (Starting at level 7-3)


I just finished Mercury, here is like always a screenshot of one of the 6 levels and the boss.

Those enemies won’t attack you directly, they will use their telepathic power to control the cannons which fire projectiles.
Otherwise I’ve just finished all the planets, all that’s left is the final boss of the sun, and I’ll have done the most part of the game. :slight_smile:


The sun is finished for a moment, and the game development is near to the end.
There is a last thing to do : the beta test.
I’m looking for some volunteers who will be able to test my game, if you’re interested, let me know!


Interesting merge between bullethell and breakout, keep up the good work :+1:

The game SpaceWings is completely finished and uploaded in these websites :

A free demo with Pluton only is available and the full version cost $1.50.


Very good and interesting work!
I played demo (first planet so) and i liked very much.
I notice but perhaps it’s wanted that bullet angle are predefined (perhaps the raison is that you use Bounce behavior)
I have noticed the same thing with ball in breakout tutorial.
Very well done!


That’s the kinda game I would play on my snes! Since your the developer, how would it play/compile on android? atv would be amazing.
I haven’t tested with controller yet, and I don’t think its 2 player, but great game!