Project - The Mighty Rune [On Hold]

Hi all, like many others, i’d like to share with you a project I am working on. It’s a 2d adventure-platformer called “The Mighty Rune”.

Here are some screenshots from the game, please let me know what do you guys think :slight_smile:

gif4 gif2 gif1 gif3


I like it so much and have seen the video on youtube also.
Probably will be better to make the player colors a little bit creepy or darkish and same thing with all enemies that have vivid colors (if there are obviously) but this is just my personal opinion so don’t care :smiley:

That seems really cool and I already like it I can say.
I would LOVE to play it !

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It really looks so beautiful, i love pixel art! I hope to be able to play soon! :heart:

That looks very cool … love the animations and colors, keep it up!


Really impressive stuff. Super hyped to see more. FYI, discord link on your site is invalid :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks a lot :smiley: and yeah, just fixed the link, should work now, thanks for letting me know

Small update:

WIP first boss fight:

Pause menu implementation:


Very nice work… What I would change from what I can see is the camera when moving… You dont want the player to be that far ahead and not see what is coming…

yes for sure, that’s just the gif animation you see, I have zoomed it in, the actual scene is bigger in game and you see way more than you can see in this gif

Congratulations! It looks really awesome. Really love the aesthetics. Where do you plan to release it?
Also, how did you create this “light” effect with that crystal and the light bulb?

Thanks :slight_smile: for now Windows and Mac, and later Android and iOS but that will need some serious optimisation.
As for the light it’s quite simple:

  1. Create a blurry circle with photoshop using a brush
  2. export it as png and import it in to GDevelop
  3. In events assign Blend Mode “Add” to it
    And it’s done :slight_smile:
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Good job! Looks really nice!

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Looks gorgeous :slight_smile: you can submit it to be included to gdevelops showreel


I agree with you Blurrymind. Seem 4ian have already added the game on top of the website.

The color palette is nice, animations are juicy, really cool.
I’ll keep an eye on the progress of the game.

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Thanks! you can always follow the progress of my game on these:



Hi guys, here is another dev vlog video on how I have animated one the NPCs for my game. I hop you will enjoy it.


Thanks :slight_smile: there is a playable prototype here: The Mighty Rune - Early Demo by Wishforge but this project is on hold at the moment, because I am working on this one: [WIP] - Squaremojis - A Physics Based Platformer Madness :)

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The graphics looks like real image scaled down.
Graphics amazing.:+1::+1:

I never used layer in Piskel.