Promo game for my music

Hey everyone,

Haplos here, musician trying his first ever game With Gdevelop.
The idea behind this game is to prom the record of my band. I think that is a good idea because we are doing 80s hard rock music so 8bit arcade game fits awesome with.
As i’m a beginner With Gdevelop, i would take any advices from you guys.

Thanks and have a Nice day :fire::metal:

It could help to make the player and the platform more contrasting colors.

Hi Haplos and welcome. Your game looks good and I like the night sky background pic and the music is good too. It all plays smoothly, well done. I’m not sure what the previous commenter meant about more contrast so assume you’ve changed something since then?

There were no instructions about how to hurt the enemies so I tried a whole heap of keys until I found it: C. You could have that in the game intro if you want to make it clear.

Is there a difference between the NPC’s? I assume the ones wearing a cap were friendly but there didn’t seem to be any punishment for killing them? I’m not sure if my health went down or not. If they are friendly, you could have it that the enemies try to kill them and you get health for saving them if an enemy is close to a friendly and you kill the enemy.

Are you going to have a score or is there a mission to complete and I stopped playing/died before then?