Proper .dpi for PNG images

What DPI works best for game dev? Can’t believe I just noticed this.

is it 72 or 300 dpi?

Hey there! Based on my experience working at a couple print shops, dpi is only really an issue when printing. Or working in real world units.

When you are creating an image in something like photoshop, set the canvas size using pixels. Dpi only matters if you are using inches, feet, etc.

An image of 300x300 pixels at 300 dpi or 70 dpi is the same. It will only appear different when you change the rulers to use inches instead of pixels. You only need to worry about the pixel size of the image. Which you should keep under 1000x1000, breaking up larger images if possible.


Thanks for this answer. I actually have a lot of experience in graphic design, but was clueless if the same rules applied to game dev. Seems smaller and more optimized is better for performance wise.

You’re a boss! Thanks!!!

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