Prototype of what I am making

Hello everyone. I am currently working on a game. And here is the prototype of the game:
I would appreciate you giving me feedback on what I can add or improve.

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Hi, I tried it and for my taste the field of view is too small. It is impossible to predict what happens if I fall down somewhere (e.g. the area with the spikes) or that stepping on the switch shoots arrows(?) which gives me due to the small window size almost no time to react (maybe I am just too slow). If your game is about figuring out the perfect path/movements in several runs through trial and error though, then it certainly works as it is.


@Drona Thanks for the feedback

I tried it and for my taste the field of view is too small

I am participating in a game jam and that’s 64;64 is the game resolution

Pretty much the same from me as what @Drona wrote. I like the little animations you’ve done too - the puff of cloud on when holding the jump key down, and the skull when you die.

I found that if the player drops quite a distance, then the camera doesn’t keep up and seems to get lost.

But if it’s a ‘remember the path’ type of game, then it’s looking good.

That’s nasty tight :slight_smile:

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hahahaha i laughed at the 64x64, that limitation is tough better go for a top down with the main character being a single pixel that way you can see everything. If you are commited to the platformer you can just do and reduce everything to tiny sizes because the FOV is the main problem. Good luck

You will get used to it as you keep on playing it

64 x 64. The same size of one piece of wall of my current game try. Awesome.

Goes good this far. Maybe a bit less of speed on the falling, yet not sure what is the aiming of the game (For a rogue like where death is part of the game, it may be good).

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A quick update:

For a sec I went back to my first gaming days on Atari. Nice improvement

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Thank You :grin::grin::grin::grin:

A quick update:
Right key
Left Key
Space bar for jump
Enter key for enter

How are the new rooms. And is it possible to jump up from those falling sand type platform in Room 3?

So far so good, some inputs, when you die the cursor is gone maybe you need a condition like is DIE layer show cursor or something like that.
Other thing is what is the black dot when the player jumps? is he shi-tting or something? LOL
anyway very nice game. Keep going.

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Oh yeah, I spotted that, but maybe forgot to fix it :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

It’s not. Its actually, the player is throwing one thing from his pocket, then stepping on it, then jumping again.

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